Use your own domain on free-site providers without paying extra

Just designed your new website on a free website provider like Weebly, then find out they want to charge to use your own domain? Not any more!


SEO friendly site on your own domain

So, you don't want your your website to be, and you want instead? but guess what? they want money to set this up for you, and you've already paid for your domain name. What a rip-off!

Domain Deflect lets you use your own domain, and "deflect" it to the rubbish name that your free-site provider has allocated you. It's free, and SEO friendly, so Google won't know the difference.

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What is Domain Deflection?

This is not URL masking, it's not a redirect, and no, it's not just limited to Weebly - it works with other free site providers too. A domain deflection is where we download your website, and serve it up on your own domain, not the one that Weebly has allocated to you.

You can still make changes to your site, as you usually do, and you can stop using this service whenever you want

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How to get started?

Ok, you want to try this out?, ok, so the first thing you need to do is log into the website where you bought your domain name, go to the DNS settings, and add a "CNAME" record on "www" to point to "". You should also add an A record on "@" to point to Click here for a handy guide from Google on how to do this.

SEO Tips

Understanding what's so important about your domain name

Your domain name should be considered as important as your business name. It is how people refer to your business on-line, and no self-respecting business would want to be referred to as - it instantly looks unprofessional and cheap.

Choosing a domain name shouldn't be taken lightly, it should be the right balance between being brandable, and matching what your potential customers may search for online. For example, if you are a dog walking business based in Chicago, then exactly matches what your customers would search, whereas does not match the search at all. However, If you do alot of printed advertising, then a short memorable name would be better, since there is no SEO gain in printed adverts.

If you're not going to spend mega-bucks hiring a web desisner, and want to design the site yourself, then the obvious place to start is one of the many free-website companies available, like Weebly, or the many others.

But once everything is finished, and you want to go live, you'll quickly find out that they want money from you in order to have your own domain name, rather than the rubbish one they have allocated you.

This service allows you to stay on the "free plan" with your free website provider, but we do the mapping between your domain name and the free website. If you have more than one domain name, then you can use all of them if you want.

Own-domain Email forwarding

Want to forward email on your own domain to your gmail?, change the DNS MX settings on your domain as follows;

Host      Value               Priority
@	10
@	20


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